Write Your Book in 7 Days

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Write Your Book in 5 Days

What you’ll learn

  • Know how to write thousands of words in a few hours (or less!)
  • Know the sneaky tricks for getting into the zone and staying inspired
  • Use all my knowledge to get your book out into the world and selling quick-smart!
  • Start getting your ideas down on paper in record time without even writing a word!
  • Make exact deadlines and goals that actually gets your book finished!


  • Having the desire to write a nonfiction, autobiography or brand building book!


  • If writing a book, specifically a non-fiction book (one that teaches something) has been on your bucket list for a while, this class is for you!

Whether you want to write a book:

  • As a personal challenge or project
  • To build a following
  • To build your authority in your field
  • To grow your business
  • Don’t wait any longer to make it happen
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