How To Write A Book in 5 Amazingly Simple Steps

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Writing a book is challenging without the right help or someone who has done it before, as you can make crucial mistakes.

Now you decide to write a book; maybe you have a perfect idea, perhaps you have always wanted to write and book, and you are just not sure how to do the book research or how to get started writing your book.

Well, you may have plenty of reasons why writing a book can put you in a procrastination mode.

The following are why people procrastinate when starting the journey of writing a book:

  • First, you are not sure how to get started.
  • Second, you feel insecure about your writing and have writer’s block before starting.
  • Third, you are worried that even if you write your book, nobody will buy the book, and you will have no readers to read your book.
  • Fourth you are unsure how to take your idea and turn it into an actual book.

Now take a deep breath and remember that all the budding authors have been precisely where you are.

Remember that even successful writers began by staring at a blank page.

The Following are the 5 Amazingly Simple Steps for you to write your book:

  • First, start with a strong book idea.
  • Second, do genre research by reading books.
  • Third, create an outline of your book and story.
  • Fourth write the first draft without overthinking about editing.
  • Fifth, keep readers in mind while writing about who the book is for, what pain points your book is addressing, and what transformation it will bring to the readers.

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