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Book Coach

If Yes then Connect with us as we will help you in writing your words on the page to match the stories in your mind through our Author Coaching Program within 7 Days!

If Yes then connect with us as we have helped many people to Write their book all over the world and we will love to help you also to Write, Publish and Market Your Book in 10 Days!

We will help you write your book in an engagement driven manner which will make people buy your book and will also make them have  an excellent reader experience.

If Yes then we can help you do the Content Research, Write the chapters, Structure and format of the Book in Just 7 Days!

If Yes then I am a 5 Star Rated Author and I can help you by being your Writing Partner where you can Write, Publish and Market Your Book in 10 Days!

If Yes the we can help you by making your writing journey effortless wherein we will tell you exactly how to Write, Publish and Market Your Book in 10 Days!

If Yes then Connect with us we will give you expert guidance in terms of Writing, Publishing & Marketing Your Book in 10 Days!

Overall keep in mind that Writing a book can be problematic but you don’t have to do it alone.

Yes, You will be writing your Book with the 5 Star Rated Author Amrita Mitroo who has helped many people to Write, Publish & Market their Book in 10 Days!

As a book coach, I will work with you on all aspects of your writing from the concept, structure, voice through line edits, polishing, and pitching.

I will help you translate your ideas to the page in a way that makes your story sing.

I will answer more questions if and when required in your Author Coaching Journey. I will help you transform the story of your book with a combination of solid craft knowledge, strategic planning, and love!

The above question are more than enough reasons as to  Why You Should Hire Me & My !

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