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I would like to thank my author coach Amrita Mitroo, Rahul Jain, for the support of gratitude to push me to get this book done. I would have never gotten this book out without their guidance

The perfect Raising Pets Book for your child to learn about how to get to know about Pets. Well – Researched content and images which will help your child to know all about the Pets. 

“Angelina Caddel & her hidden secrets” is a fiction storybook. The plot revolves around a little girl, Angelina, who dreams of visiting and playing in candies’ magnificent and magical world. 

The ten days journey with Amrita Author Summit helped me materialize my dreams into reality . My heart expresses immense gratitude to the Universe for materializing my dream of writing a book and publishing it.

Do you think motherhood is messy, along with messy houses, messy rooms, and messy clothes? If your answer is yes! Then yes! It is. It’s messy and beautiful. 

I am blessed to write this book as, at this stage of age, I have experienced so many family intricacies, burdened with happiness to bring up the children. 

Yes! I Own Myself – Self help practice book can become the source of healing for millions of people looking for their own healing and committed to work on themselves.

At some point in life, whether we may realise it or not, we all probably ask the questions: “Who am I?” and “What is my Purpose in Life?”

This book is an adventurous and inspirational book
suitable for all scholars and youths.

This book is also beneficiary to adults that cherish
stories a lot.

This book is advisable for all leaders.

Until I was 40 years old, I lived my life on autopilot. I didn’t have an identity, and I didn’t know my purpose in life. I did not have a mind nor a voice of my own. I was lost, as many people would describe me.

Drastic changes require drastic actions, and getting out of my comfort zone helped me get to where I am today.

This is a book of my memoir, my relocation and challenges faced. The book tells the reader what the world experienced during COVID 19 pandemic lockdown . It also depicts the struggles a young girl faced in different countries of the world, how the people affected overcame their challenges regarding gender based violence. 


The book is attempted as one of self-help book. The author just wished to express his experiences and learnings that he has had over time. 

This is the first book attempted by the author. The book is written with a lot of thinking, guidance and help from Amrita Author Summit.

The book ‘Train the Brain’ is a wonderful journey of Brain Optimization for everyone to get maximum success using potential power of brain. The Journey would be more enjoyable due to incredible and ultimate efforts of Mrs. Amrita Mitroo, Amrita Author Summit for publishing this book internationally. 

All the aspects relating brain activation have been mentioned which would be very easy to follow in daily Life and help you to know more in detail about brain and its miracle and magnificent powers.

This book is a comprehensive study book with a biblical reference to help you to understand the importance of your dream, which can affect the physical state of your life in many ways. This prophetic manual gathers life experiences of dreams in years of deliverance ministry to expose the powers of night powers secret. 

This book will show you how to defeat satanic dreams in your life so you can live in the victory God intended for every believer.


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