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Amrita is a book coach who was born in New Delhi, India, in 1978. She has done her schooling at Modern School Vasant Vihar and then studied at Pearl Academy of Fashion, APJ Institue of Design, and South Delhi Polytechnic. She has done her master’s degree in Human Resources from BMA Affiliated to Edith Cowan University Perth Australia.

She comes from a humble family of loving and supportive parents and siblings. She is married to a loving and supportive husband and has a son who is a blessing in her life.

Book Coach

Book Coaching & Editing

I see through to the heart of your story and use a combination of solid craft knowledge, strategic planning, and love to help you transform your story and translate that beating heart to the page.

About Book Coach

I devote my attention and my intention to creating, promoting, and helping people publish books.

that reflect there values because stories change lives and also on completion of their course they get Book Coaching Certification!

Connect for Book Coaching

Connect with Amrita on social media or get in touch to find out more about Book Coaching Sessions and


how she can help you transform your writing.

Author COach

She has spent the last decade reading, learning, implementing spiritual practices, and has published her book I AM A Conscious Creator, Dream…Believe…Act…Receive on Amazon Worldwide.


The book entails her morning routine and all that she has learned and practice in terms of her spiritual practices and how she transformed her mind from a mediocre mindset to an abundance mindset.


She feels that the only way you can know your real purpose in life is by connecting with your inner self and then aligning yourself with your higher self through meditation.


She believes and knows that each of us is a miracle and that the power is within us and that each one of us is born for greatness.

Mentor for Book

My Goals

Amrita’s goals in life are to keep on writing to encourage people to come out of a conditioned mindset framework and reprogram their minds to bring forth the life they have always desired.

As an Author, I enjoy about being an author is expressing all my heart’s feelings through my writing. I feel when I write, the words are just flowing like water in a waterfall.

I have also learned so much in life that I feel the best way to reaffirm my learning is by sharing it with the world through my writing by being an author.

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