5 Powerful Book Promotion Strategies for Self-Published Authors

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If you are writing only because you love writing, don’t market your book!

But if you are writing your book so that a maximum number of people read your book, then you need to know how to market your book.

The following are the ways how you can market your book:

  1. Reviews

After publishing your book, the most important aspect is to get reviews from your readers, giving people insight into what the book is about and why they should read it. It also lets others know how to do your readers benefit and what has been their AHA moment or what they have learned from your book.

2) Website or Blog

You need to create a Mobile Responsive and engagement-driven website wherein you can write about yourself as an Author & also write about your book and get some reviews from people and mention that on your website. You can also mention how they can buy your book and connect with you.

3) SEO

Seo is an essential aspect of getting your readers to notice you or you being visible in a relevant way in front of your prospective readers.

4) Social Media

Social Media Marketing and optimization is another critical aspect of marketing your book as it lets you post about your book or the testimonials your readers are giving about your book.

5) Email Marketing

Email Marketing is another fundamental aspect of marketing your book, as, with a click of a button, you can send a link to your book to thousands of people who can buy your book and can later leave a review for your book.






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